Frequently Asked Questions

A wrap is basically a large adhesive based film we adhere to the car. We only use the highest quality films to make sure there is no damage to your car. Wraps can be solid color pigmented films, or they can be printed using solvent or latex based printers to create advertising for businesses… or really cool designs to spice up your vehicle!

We can really wrap anything. We have wrapped helicopters, prosthetic legs, residential and office walls, wedding dance floors, desktop printers, boat motors, jars and bottles. We tell everyone – “if it’s hard, shiny and smooth we should be able to do it!”

Wrapping your vehicle is a great way to protect your original paint. Proper maintenance will protect your car’s paint for as long as your wrap endures. In a commercial wrap situation, it is the perfect way to advertise anywhere you go. You are a rolling billboard for your business! The more you drive, the more visible your company is. A vehicle wrap can create up to 30,000 to 70,000 viewable impressions per day.

A partial wrap is just as it sounds: only part of your vehicle is wrapped. In a color change situation, that could mean leaving the bottom half of your vehicle the paint color and wrapping the top half with a film color. In a commercial application, an example could be to add spot logos on the doors and hood of the vehicle. Full wrap… we wrap the whole thing.

All wrap job pricing is based per job. Simply put, all vehicles are different and each job is different. Come by the shop and let us give you a free estimate and consultation to get the most accurate price for your project.

If your vehicle has OEM paint that is in good condition, film application is notably safe and will protect your existing paint condition until the film is removed. Aftermarket paint is not warrantied and film application or removal may cause clear coat peeling.If you are unsure if you have OEM or an aftermarket paintjob, bring it by and we can help figure that out.

Yes. We can remove the wrap for you if needed. We offer returning customers wrap removal at no charge if we are rewrapping your vehicle. If we are removing a wrap by someone else, we charge an hourly fee for removal.

Yes, it certainly can. Coating the wrap will add extra lifespan to the wrap as well as making it easier to clean and maintain.

A full vehicle color change wrap will typically take up to 4 or 5 days. A commercial wrap or spot graphic installation will generally be completed within 1 to 2 days. These are estimated turn-around times as each vehicle and project are different and we will never compromise the quality of our work and service by rushing a job.

With proper maintenance, a car wrap can last up to 7 years. Washing your car regularly, applying wrap after-care products and parking your vehicle indoors when you’re not using it are just a few things that can extend the life of your wrap.

Yes. We give a 1 Year warranty on our labor. All films vary from color to color, but average warranty for color change products through 3M, Avery Dennison, or KPMF is 3 Years against material defects such as excessive fading.

Maintenance for a wrap is much easier than caring for paint. We highly recommend hand washing to ensure no edges are compromised with abrasive brush washing or high-pressure water sprayers. This also ensures no scratches are created from brushes. We also suggest a good aftercare product for wraps by 3M, Avery Chemical Guys, Mothers Polish, etc. We can also add Ceramic Coating wrap for easier long-term ease of maintenance.

If you are providing artwork we ask to submit your logo in a vector base file such as Ai or EPS. This will ensure the best quality once we enlarge your logo to the size of your vehicle.

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